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The first modern nightclub appeared in New York City in 1886 where people enjoyed dancing to live bands.


In 1959 at The Scotch-Club in Germany the first DJ was born.

From 1959 to the present day DJ’s have become the prominent form of entertainment in nightclubs.


One of the key reasons the DJ became so popular is their ability to mix one song in to the next, allowing a constant flow of music and keeping the dancefloor packed.


We believe bands haven’t kept up with this trend and have been left behind…


Until now that is…


We’ve incorporated a DJ mixing style with The Tricks and it has become a core part of our live performance and a key reason why we’re one of the most in-demand bands on the scene. Unlike a DJ we’re not restricted to two turntables meaning we can change key, change tempo and create incredible mashups on the fly. There’s nothing worse than a band performing 10mins of mustang sally and then having a minute gap between each song. Our sets are slick, snappy and every note has been thought out to ensure we are creating the most fun for the audience.


Our vocalists have been performing to crowds for decades and are elite entertainers. They know exactly what is needed to get the party going and get the crowd involved. Our passion is your event and we want you to experience the best night of entertainment possible. We invite you to browse our website and get in touch to discuss your event.

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